Co-pilgrim - Slows To Go

Slows To Go


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Mike Gale, he can write songs... there's innocence in his own silky-sophisticated elegance... milk it in / The Big Takeover

Mike Gale distils sunshine pop classicism into bittersweet songs that channel the warmth of the West Coast 70s via deep pile harmonies and layered instruments. A Home Counties Teenage Fanclub / Mojo

Mike Gale is a productive soul. This is the third Co-Pilgrim album in the last two years, and he’s also released two solo albums. With that amount of work, you’d be forgiven for expecting a reduction in quality, but this is fine guitar-pop with a Summer of Love sensibility twelve sweet, concise tracks, and it’s all over far too quickly / Daily Express

Dripping with the sound of 80s English indie pop, You Come Over You Go is charming and easy to love / Magnet

Confident and self-assured in lyricism as well as musicality, it’s a burst of energy in the band’s already lush catalog / Consequence Of Sound


CD Album (BATTLE050)
  1. Co-pilgrim - Slows To Go
  2. Co-pilgrim - Echo In My Dreams
  3. Co-pilgrim - You Come Over, You Go
  4. Co-pilgrim - Save the Queen Blazer
  5. Co-pilgrim - Flood of Tears
  6. Co-pilgrim - Offing
  7. Co-pilgrim - She's Finally Here
  8. Co-pilgrim - Sweet Murmur Of
  9. Co-pilgrim - It's A Blue moon
  10. Co-pilgrim - Gather Your Valiant Arms
  11. Co-pilgrim - Wave In The Siddy
  12. Co-pilgrim - Don't Go Meek Into That Night